Had done go bankrupt preparation! ” hobo simulator ” Steam edition delay comes 19 years in March

Although everybody does not want to go bankrupt, nevertheless the life always is endless flexibly, practical model game ” hobo simulator ” Steam edition government announces to will adjourn again come to solved a lock on March 30, 2019, want to experience the player of another life can pay close attention to. · is in ” hobo simulator ” in, the player lost everything, be reduced to poverty cadges to street make a living. “What can you do? Suit and come down alive? Is the person that causes you to go bankrupt to those avenged? Become legend of a city? ” ” dirty lane, the city is street, pawnshop, central park, subterranean passageway, have next water pipeline of mice, etc. You can go to any places that want to go, the place that any jubilation. Enjoy open, mad urban sandbox. The secret that there is a lot of to wait to open inside reconciles the achievement of the lock. Every place has interesting part, have oneself story line and job. The life of hobo you never can feel dull. The life of hobo you never can feel dull..

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