HyperX rolls out earphone of contest of report of Hei Ying of brand-new and developmental Cloud Revolver

(on April 25, 2016 Beijing dispatch) electric contest upsurge in a large-scale set the prairie ablaze, near future of each game big plant also rolls out your work of admiral class game in succession, it is lead plane of PC, sport or portable apparatus no matter, all sorts of advocate the game that plays effect of delicate seeing and hearing gets player reception greatly, add virtual reality VR (Virtual Reality) application warms up continuously, players are gone after in succession more the frequency of high quality scales, video is enjoyed. Jin Shidu banner leaves highest property product line, hyperX announces to roll out now brand-new the earphone of contest of report of Cloud Revolver Hei Ying of the design. Besides continuance Cloud series superexcellent acoustic quality reachs the product characteristic that comfortable system feels, earphone of brand-new contest of black eagle report more use steel of German craft hollow out to wear a design, driving unit of tie-in 50mm directivity, the qualitative feeling of earphone of contest letting report is overall again developmental.

Earphone of contest of report of HyperX black eagle uses design of directivity driving unit, through individual angle air officer, can more accurate deferent sound, all-around promotion audio deepness and range, forefathers one pace, help the first person shoot the player of game, the position that listens to an enemy ahead of schedule is striven for send get the better of first machine; In addition the phonic field that rivals recording studio grade, use at ordinary times hear music, also can enjoy as the clear and clean sound like odeum spot.

Countless Cloud series earphone design the bear the palm between international of continuance of earphone of contest of report of Hei Ying of HyperX Cloud Revolver, cotton of bubble of use HyperX tailor-made memory and top class leather, the sex that wrap Fu is superexcellent be without oppressive feeling however; Fillet part uses steel of German craft hollow out to wear a design, have superexcellent flexibility, ensure earphone is firm and durable, collocation increases ear-muff to follow to breathe freely distinctly design, make a player OK when game adorn for long still comfortable.

Accessary line accuses earphone of contest of black eagle report implement can hold concurrently do extension line to use, be as long as 2 meters, can adjust volume size and switch microphone. Detachable type microphone provides clear conversational quality and game sound effect for the player, can reduce background noise effectively, not only already passed TeamSpeak attestation, wait for communication software to undertake optimizing in the light of Skype, Mumble and RC speech, it is the first electric contest earphone that passes attestation of speech software Discord more.

Tian Bin of manager of department of business of HyperX of big China area expresses Jin Shidu: Form did not see, sound becomes aware first, the broad range of earphone of Cloud Revolver Hei Ying pledges with superexcellent sound, can deliver the subtlest sound effect in game accurately, let a player can be besides certain distance, judge the seat that gives the enemy ahead of schedule, ensure on battlefield send get the better of first machine.

Earphone of black eagle of HyperX Cloud Revolver will appear on the market in the round at rising on May 9, proposal price RMB 999 yuan. Come since April 25 was in Beijing on May 8 east business platform offers report to be opened to booking solely, every buys black eagle earphone to be able to be obtained give earphone of former plant incrustation to receive a package, the amount is limited, send till!

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