Doesn’t true assassin wash a face? ” assassin credo ” a tough guy exposure of wind stage photo

” assassin credo ” the film adapts self-fertile to green jade the homonymic movement game that Montreal atelier makes. By Gu Siting Kuzeer hold the science fiction that guide piece, laisili, Siketefulanke holds the position of Michael Er playwrite, si Binde of Michael Er law, Marie holds a song high enlighten inferior wait for a main actor. Related the story that Lynch organizes in knight of contemporary antagonism Temple of God. Perhaps you had not played the series game of assassin credo, but this film looks also very let a person expect. Besides Ezio trilogy, each lineal ” assassin credo ” add is made introduced a new assassin, the film is not exceptional also. The Aguilar that Si Binde of Michael Er law acted contemporary Callum Lynch and the Spanish religion in the past to try period two parts.

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