” Ares ” father: ” surmount good and evil 2 ” online how? Fasten chirp crooked

” Ares ” reach ” rotate steely ” series author David Jaffe(defends · Gu Fei greatly) all along call a spade a spade, he was in recently its Twitter platform to criticism ” surmount good and evil 2 ” forever on-line player lies between empty propaganda to the enemy at the front line. Green jade according to Yo the newest view recently, ” surmount good and evil 2 ” will need all the time amuse oneself of couplet net ability, at the same time game will support single person amuse oneself and cooperative pattern. This action caused the opposition of a lot of set players, criticize needless cooperative mode not only, also criticize single person mode to also must want at the same time forcibly online. There is such set in the other and similar game that this develops in Yo green jade, ” fetch of Gu island Jing 5 ” also have cooperative pattern, but can leave line play completely. David Jaffe is being pushed express in article, in the activity of individual direct seeding tomorrow, he has waited to want to be aimed at with netizens not as good as ” surmount good and evil 2 ” big fight.

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