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Moon cake is a kind of very delicate food, take the red-letter day of moon cake namely when annual the Mid-autumn Festival, because this is in the Mid-autumn Festival when all sorts of different moon cake can appear on the market in great quantities, everybody also can buy a few moon cake to be able to come the family has moon cake happily, everybody knows moon cake contains a lot of candy cent and oil, belong to the food that then high fever measures, a lot of time tookA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Hind be absorbed not easily by human body place, want small method only when eating moon cake, what can let moon cake eat is more healthy.

Moon cake is healthy

Moon cake is healthy

The Mid-autumn Festival is the 2nd big traditional red-letter day that is next to the Spring Festival, indicative the whole family reunions, the Mid-autumn Festival eats the consuetudinary long-standing of moon cake, moon cake is leading role of this day, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Food. Friend of the kin after eat sits together to chat enjoy the glorious full moon pale blue cake, clinking happiness is satisfied, but you whether oversight eating moon cake also have penalty area, not be everyone can have moon cake, can not answer scene caustic healthy.

How does moon cake eat health

1, moon cake + tea

Sweet the moon cake of be bored with is bad to digest, when eating, match a cup of green tea, scented tea, oolong or black tea, boiled water has the effect that blows oil, solve be bored with to conduce to a help digesting again tastily already, prevent to accumulate feed, avoid fat.

Moon cake is healthy

2, moon cake + fruit

When eating moon cake, match fruit of a few acidity, wait like grapefruit, hawkthorn, orange, yangtao, already appetizing can alleviate again fat, still can promote digest. Additional, of grapefruit ” shaddock ” with ” bless ” unisonant, it is the fruit of do sth for the occasion of the Mid-autumn Festival.

3, moon cake + red wine

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Cake matchs red wine, delicate more abiding, light acerbity red wine is OK of purify moon cake fat. The night mid-autumn, the family is surrounded sit together to enjoy the glorious full moon chat, tasting red wine to eat a moon cake again, another festal flavour.

What person is unfavorable eat moon cake

1, 3 fast crowds are unfavorable eat moon cake

Everybody knows moon cake is 3 tall (tall oil, high fever, tall fat) food, sweet taste moon cake contains sugar the volume is extremely high also. The meeting after moon cake of diabetic person edible brings about the blood sugar inside body to lift, aggravating illness. The moon cake do not have candy that go up is not market not to contain sugar, just do not contain cane sugar, and the flour of itself of moon cake skin, starch and stuffing makings absorb body inside hind dextrose of meeting translate into, same meeting makes blood sugar elevatory, and cannot gluttonous. Patient of fat of hypertensive, tall blood at ordinary times food should be far from the food with saturated exorbitant fatty acid, content of moon cake fat is high, the cholesterol in absorbing the moon cake of more than one ration to be able to let blood and triglyceride increase, cause blood to become ropy, incidental thrombus, aggravating illness. So patient of fat of hypertensive, tall blood should control the amount that takes moon cake, especially salty yoke moon cake, taste have a taste of what is just in season can.

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, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Courage ill patient is unfavorable eat moon cake more

Courage disease, cholecystitis, gall-stone, pancreatitis is unfavorable eat moon cake, moon cake belongs to Gao Zhigao to heat up food, content of cent of its grease, cholesterol, candy is extremely high, edible is more moon cakeForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Can make fat of blood sugar, blood lift, still meet dyspeptic. And digestive function of courage ill patient is poor, eat moon cake to digest can aggravating illness hard more, cause enteron possibly even to bleed.

3, moon cake is 3 fast food, the crowd such as ill patient of chronic stomach bowel or digestive function weakness eats moon cake less as far as possible, can increase gastric bowel burden otherwise, aggravating and unwell disease.

Moon cake is healthy

4, fat person unfavorable eat moon cake

Moon cake tall grease, high quantity of heat, high in syrup, high cholesterol, the candy of excessive and cholesterol are met translate into is adipose, make gain weight, bring about fat more serious. Be like what ate moon cake to also ought to reduce rice and other oil that day to absorb.

5, old support of the people is digested unfavorable eat more

Old person and digest digestive function weaker, digest the moon cake of Gao Zhigao candy hard, can cause indigestion, burden of aggravating intestines and stomach.

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