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Article introduction

The content of albumen of the collagen in pig hoof is very rich, but adipose content also is rife, because this pig hoof is unsuited commonly,often eat, love beautiful woman more very much, often drink filling body of pig hoof Shang Laizi at ordinary times, pig hoof has the effect that enhances skin flexibility and tenacity, it is to be able to be deferred consenescence grows with stimulative child of development, but do not suit to eat more, what does the practice that boils pig hoof boiling water then have? 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Soup of the hoof that boil a pig puts what stuff

Pig hoof soup, boil the boiling water that make for main material with pig hoof namely. Pig hoof namely the 4 hoof of the pig, renown pig hand or pig foot. Have culinary art simple, soup juice is grumous, the characteristic with rich nutrition.

Pig hoof contains rich collagen protein, adipose content is lower than fat also, can prevent and cure the skin is shrivelled and corrugate, enhance skin flexibility and tenacity, it is old young all the healthy food of appropriate, still be food of consenescence of a kind of beautiful capacitive reactance especially.

Method one

Square name: Pig hoof soup (classics yield agent)

Effect: Filling gas raises blood, hairdressing except knit

Material: Sweet melon (about two jins) thin pig hoof Qian Beixing of half jins of Na Xingwu 4 money candied date or jujube 6 practices: Melon of ripe honey of half a lifetime of choose and buy, flay, melon benevolence, flesh, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean, hoof of thin pig of; of stripping and slicing is washed clean with clear water, south flying water; , boreal apricot goes the garment, with clear bath clean; candied date or jujube uses clear water to wash clean; to add right amount clear water with made of baked clay Bao, use apricot of north and south and candied date or jujube fierce anger Bao to water to boil first, put pig hoof and sweet melon next convert inside Bao Bao of medium baking temperature 3 hours, add salt to flavor, can drinkable. Attention: Sweet melon is moist raise colour, the effect that apricot of north and south has embellish lung to relieve a cough and the effect of can smooth asthma, pig hoof is nourishing and beneficial, add the candied date or jujube that has filling theory of moisten the respiratory tract, the soup Shui Keqing that Bao comes out is filling lung gas, expectorant relieve a cough, fall gas makes the same score asthma, grow the dietotherapy action of colour of take a tonic to build up health.

Soup of the hoof that boil a pig puts what stuff

Bean curd of soup of hoof of pig of bean curd towel gourd 500 grams, towel gourd (take flesh) 50 grams of 250 grams, Xianggu mushroom, pig hoof 1, condiment is right amount, boil pig hoof and Xianggu mushroom first, add green, ginger, salt to flavor, wait for ripe hind put towel gourd, bean curd to be boiled together for soup, one endowment is fed 3 times, take 5 days repeatedly.

Shang Yuan of hoof of pig of earthnut big jujube expects: Pignut 100 grams, big jujube 10, pig hoof 2, saline a few. Make a way: 1. Pignut, will big jujube uses bleb 1 hour first, fish out. 2. Go to pig hoof Mao Hejia, abluent, chop leaves. 3. On boiler buy fire, put right amount clear water, join hoof of pignut, big jujube, pig. Use the slow fire after flourishing baked wheaten cake leaves to stew to ripe sodden, put refined salt to flavor, become namely. Summary: Connect breed

Composition: Pig hoof, the stem pith of the rice-paper plant

Advocate treat: Wipe breed little.

Return classics: Medicine of this sufficient Yang Ming also.

Pig hoof soup and complementary expect

Pig hoof soup and complementary expect

Soup of the hoof that boil a pig puts what stuff

Fang Yi:

(Below Xian Nengrun of 1) pig hoof.

(2) the stem pith of the rice-paper plant is weak canNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
Be sensibleShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Add again square:

(1) extensive aid square1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
: The hoof that use a pig 4, liquor, add earthy melon root, leakage Lu, akebi each 29A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna
, move little rice? Chi, the gruel that boil is fed, treat with.

(2) or move profit with pig hoof soup yuan medicinal powder take, comb with wooden comb breast, galactic fall oneself.

Decoct takes a way: Boil feed.

Method 2

[origin] ” embryo of revise and enlarge produces heart law ” roll 5.

[composition] the rhizome of chuanxiong 6 grams the stem pith of the rice-paper plant 12 grams licorice 3 grams pangolin 14 (fry)

[usage] the hoof that use a pig 1 pair, Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Wash cut, enter water 1.2 litres, the decoct that be the same as medicine comes 600 milliliter, add makings of green, ginger, salt, of drink extraction juice.

[function] beneficial enrages blood, below galactic.

[advocate treat] puerpera gas blood is insufficient, galactic no less than.

[no-no] during taking drug, avoid gives birth to content of cold drinks and snacks.

Method 3

[origin] ” female division points to a palm ” roll 5.

[composition] pig hoof a the stem pith of the rice-paper plant 60 grams very light blue 3 bines

[usage] with water 2 litres, boil take 800 milliliter, join alcoholic drink right amount kimono.

[advocate treat] deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it of woman energy of life is weak, main and collateral channels is not moved, galactic no less than. (Next breast)

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