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Horsebean fries bacon is cate of a commonner the daily life of a family, main material is horsebean and bacon place cooking and into, taste not only Xianxiang is goluptious, and your person very the aftertaste, the way is very simple also, need gets ready advocate makings horsebean and bacon, burden has green ginger garlic and soy to wait flavor, right amount edible is oily among oily boiler can cooking and into, often edible horsebean is first-rate to the body, can prevent disease of a few bodies. 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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What is the practice that horsebean fries bacon?

What is the practice that horsebean fries bacon?

Feed material detail

Bacon horsebean

Garlic of thick broad-bean sauce

Ginger other flavoring

Nutrient value

Contain in horsebean adjust cerebrum and the important part calcium that nerve organizes, zinc, manganese, phosphatide, contain rich bilestone alkaline, have those who enhance memory function of be good at brain. The calcium in horsebean, be helpful for the skeleton absorption to calcium and calcify, the growth that can promote human body skeleton development. The protein content in horsebean is rich, and do not contain cholesterol, can increase food nutrition value, prevent cardiovascular disease. If you are,be mental worker, eat horsebean to may have certain effect appropriately. The vitamin C in horsebean can defer arteriosclerosis, the prandial fiber in horsebean skin has the effect that reduces peristalsis of cholesterol, stimulative bowel.

What is the practice that horsebean fries bacon?

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1, bacon section, electric rice cooker burns heat, put cured meat piece break up fry to give oil!

2, if garlic, ginger breaks up,will fry, smell after fragrance, put right amount thick broad-bean sauce, break up fry to bacon piece into yellow.

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3, the horsebean that crosses the waterlogging that use heat breaks up in the rice cooker that enter report fry (also can get on boiler lid lid frowsty a) , join the flavoring such as essence of salt, chicken next, break up fry moment to be able to give boiler!


The officinal value of horsebean is little-known, beyond dig up the roots, horsebean whole body can be used as medicine. Horsebean bead: Horsebean bean is had be good at lienal, benefit is wet, fall the effect of hematic fat. Horsebean congee can be used at treating taste deficiency of vital energy1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The inappetence of be caused by, abdomen goes up disease of fat of oedema of diarrhoea, dyspeptic, anaemic sex, chronic nephritis oedema, hypertensive, tall blood. Horsebean garment: Horsebean garment namely the seed coat of horsebean, besides wet action of ooze of advantageous make water, still can use at treating the disease such as leakage of chronic nephritis, haematemesis, embryo. Horsebean leaf: ” contemporary and practical Chinese traditional medicine ” account: “Horsebean leaf is hemostatic agent, treat all haemorrhage. ” include phthisical haemorrhage, enteron haemorrhage, traumatic haemorrhage. Horsebean is beautiful: When the horsebean after tomb-sweeping day blossoms, collect close, reserve after insolation or drying. Pleasant of its sex flavour is smooth, can cool blood is hemostatic, treat cough blood, bazoo nosebleeds, the disease such as hematic dysentery, morbid, hypertension.

What is the practice that horsebean fries bacon?


Capability of nitrogen of solid of horsebean root nodule is strong, bright bine leaf contains nitrogen 0. 55- 0. 59% , contain phosphor 0. 13- 0.14% , contain potassium 0. 45-0. 52% , all Chinese milk vetch of green manure of prep above winter. Accordingly, horsebean is admirable winter greenSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Fat, it is the main crop that biology raises the ground.


Protein is contained in horsebean (28.2%) , a few adipose (0.8%) and many carbohydrate (48.6%) in addition still contain vitamin B, reach vitamin B2. The protein in horsebean also is complete protein, soja of physiology value ratio is a bit low, but the content of carbohydrate is higher, because this also is the main source of heat energy.


Fresh and tender horsebean but cooking edible, the deep treatment of dry horsebean is snacks more, if blame flavour moustache,beans of sauce of can of beans of beans, the five spices, horsebean, horsebean, horsebean is suckled, deepfry horsebean, Peng changes horsebean, water to boil horsebean to wait. Use horsebean to pass with soy of horsebean of brew of craft of tall salt rare appearance. Horsebean has the by-product such as horsebean skin, legume to serve as litter or feed commonly in machining a process. Horsebean is used1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Condense albumen at producing horsebean starch and horsebean, manufacturing technology basically uses energy grading law, flay horsebean pulverize, in effort grading on machine grading into starch of the horsebean albumen pink that contains a lot ofprotein and horsebean. Horsebean starch still can be used at machining the production of vermicelli made from bean starch, sheet jelly made from bean or sweet potato starch.

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