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Everybody knows, the effect that lung of embellish of water of pear of rock candy snow relieves a cough is first-rate, drink water of rock candy Xue Li to be able to have very apparent relieve a coughing when cough is serious so the effect. And infantile cough is a more troublesome issue, because infantile constitution is special, the side-effect of medicaments can produce very big effect to the baby, so the baby can not drink drug commonly. So, the toddler that some parents can let cough drinks water of pear of rock candy snow. So, can the baby drink water of pear of rock candy snow? Shanghai noble baby

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Can the baby drink water of pear of rock candy snow

Can two months darling drink water of pear of rock candy snow

Possible. Darling can be drunk but do not drink more, after all darling returns responsibility of small intestine stomach now not, bit of rock candy can be added when drinking water at ordinary times possible also. Sex of pleasant of snow pear flavour is cold, contain malic acid, citric acid, vitamin B1, B2, C, carotene to wait, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid the effect with moisten the respiratory tract, clear phlegmy thermalization, suit autumnal edible particularly. It is officinal can study lung of wind heat, embellish, cool heart, pass the time in a leisurely way phlegmy, fall fire, alexipharmic. Modern medicine considers to prove, pear has embellish lung Qing Dynasty truly dry, relieve a cough the expectorant, action that raises blood to give birth to flesh. The doing of pharynx and larynx that because this is right,acute tracheitis and the patient that the upper respiratory tract affects appear, urticant, painful, sound is dumb, phlegmy bare of stiff, constipation, make water all has fine effect.

Pear has the effect that reduces blood pressure and heat of the Qing Dynasty that raise shade again, so patient of cirrhosis of hypertensive, hepatitis, liver often eats pear to have profit. Pear can be eaten raw, OK also evaporate, OK still make it soup and a thick soup. But pear sex is cold, should not be much eat. Especially taste Xu Han, abdomen is cold painful with deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it person, can not eat more, eat to hurt taste easily more.

The infant loses as a result of immune force, relatively the adult catchs a cold more easily catch cold catch cold, cause respiratory system disease, be like tracheitis, bronchitic etc. Right now, the meeting in child throat has a lot of sticky stiff phlegmy fluid coughs not to come out, part of speech of part of speech makes sound, faceLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Also hold back is gotten aglow, look very afflictive.

Above all, should maintain bedroom air pure and fresh, time the window is ventilated take a breath, best will indoor temperature maintains this appropriate is spent in 18-22, but want to notice, do not make air cooling direct be blown to the child’s body. Relative humidity maintains in 60%-65% , the method that can pull a floor board with wet cloth will increase the humidity of the room, the maintenance that this is helpful for respiratory tract mucous membrane is wet condition and ciliary of mucous membrane surface swing, conduce to phlegmy eduction.

Can the baby drink water of pear of rock candy snow

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In addition, can issue a few kinds of methods:

The law that pat a back can be in children is phlegmy the lash-up when coughing not to come out is used, help platoon is phlegmy.

Particular operation is: In the clearance that the little patient coughs, let little patient side lie orShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Hold a side in the arms to lie. Parent skill the five fingers is bent a bit, grasp voidance hand fist, flap gently little patient back. Pat side of left towards the left to lie, two side undertake alternately. The force of rap shoulds not be too big, should from go up and fall, by extroversion inside, ordinal undertake. Every side pats 3-5 at least minute, daily pat 2-3 second.

The law that pat a back can make the phlegmy fluid inside little patient lung and bronchus become loose not only, go out side by side to big tracheal drainage, and the blood that can promote heart and lung circulates, be helpful for the absorption of bronchitic disease, make a disease can inchoate heal.

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Water the law makes a little patient much water, especially 23 degrees of cool boiled water of the left and right sides, have to guttural ministry good wet treat action with physics, be helpful for the elimination of local inflammation. Cough sends the little patient of situation, often have the dehydrate of different level, can accentuate respiratory tract inflammation and secretion consistency, those who make is not easy and expectorate.

Much water cool boiled water can make sticky stiff secretion be able to attenuant, easy by expectorate, benefit is mixed at relieving a cough make expectoration easy. In the meantime, cool boiled water still can improve haemal circulation, the trash that makes you give birth to airframe metabolization place or toxin are rapid from the eduction in make water, reduce its thereby the stimulation to respiratory tract.

Can the baby drink water of pear of rock candy snow

Steam law pours boiling water into a big canister or teacup, hold in the armsLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Have the child, make its mouth bazoo is sucked to the vapor that rises put, can make phlegmy fluid becomes rare benefit at expectorate, still can reduce tracheal the hyperaemia with bronchus mucous membrane and oedema, reduce cough. But ten million wants careful scald, avoid to produce an accident.

Remedy standard is not taken casually relieve a cough medicine, lest control cough center,go against a platoon phlegmy.

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